T’shari White

T’shari White graduated from UNCG in December of 2014 with a bachelor’s degree in Environmental Studies and minor in Biology. She reports: “After graduation I landed a position just two months later working as an administrator for an environmental service company known as HEPACO, LLC. My responsibility as an administrator was to make sure that all the paperwork before, during, and after our projects was processed efficiently and in a timely manner. Having a routine role like this inspired me to explore my options in the environmental field. I knew that I could be doing a lot more to contribute to sustainability efforts, and in order to do that I needed a higher level of education. I have recently been accepted into the Masters of Environmental Studies program at the State University of New York College of Environmental Sciences and Forestry (SUNY ESF), and I will be starting in the fall of 2016. I plan on using my education to teach others about the importance of the Earth and that it is everyone’s responsibility to sustain it. My advice for current ENV students is: Find your gift, open it, and use it. Don’t take it for granted, and don’t let anyone take it from you. It’s yours.