Sam Lichtman

Sam Lichtman offered this description of his career path after graduation from UNCG. “I started working part time on an environmental campaign. It was to protect the outer banks from offshore oil drilling, and although my particular course work did not set me up to work on the campaign trail, the interdisciplinary nature of the Environmental Studies major gave me the skills need to relate the need for environmental protection to everyone I encountered. Next thing I knew, I was working full time, running similar campaign offices in Miami, San Diego, and even Los Angeles for groups like the Sierra Club and the Human Rights Campaign. I was working on countless issues from . . . more solar energy [to] more protection for the Everglades, and even working to ban plastic bags in California. After the 2012 election, I took a break from politics, but am now in Washington DC working in the nonprofit sector and really enjoying the working on issues that I care about.” He is currently working for Defenders of Wildlife.