Natalie Croutharmel

Natalie Croutharmel graduated in 2012 and is presently working as the Director of Business Retention and Expansion at the Austin, Texas Chamber of Commerce. Her current focus includes working with startup companies in the Clean Tech and Advanced Tech Manufacturing industries. According to Natalie, her responsibilities and duties as director are quite varied. “We meet with entrepreneurs and help make introductions between them and key industry leaders, city and government officials, investors, and other key players in the region that can assist these startups with whatever needs they may have, including funding, community outreach, etc.” She also helps conduct surveys with companies large and small to find out how these tech industries are changing and growing in Austin. In addition, the Chamber of Commerce reaches out to investors outside the Austin area, giving Natalie the chance to fly around the country and let others know about the opportunities in her city. Natalie can be seen here at the National Instruments Week exposition next to technology that is expected to go to the moon in 2015.