Faculty Committee & Advisory Council

Faculty Committee & Advisory Council

The Environmental & Sustainability Studies Program is supported by two groups of experts.

The Faculty Committee is responsible for all formal curricular matters and Program administration. (Membership is by invitation or appointment of the Dean of the College of Arts & Sciences.)

Aaron Allen, Music (CVPA), Program Director

Susan Andreatta, Anthropology (CAS)
Bruce Banks, Chemistry & Biochemistry (CAS)
Erick Byrd, Sustainable Tourism & Hospitality (Bryan)
Stephen Holland, Economics (Bryan)
Gwen Hunnicut, Sociology (CAS)
Karen Kilcup, English (CAS)
Etsuko Kinefuci, Communication Studies (CAS)
David McDuffie, Religious Studies (CAS)
Ann Somers, Biology (CAS)
Selima Sultana, Geography (CAS)


The Advisory Council is a diverse group of individuals from across the campus and community who support the Program in broader and more informal ways.  (Membership is open to volunteers; if you are interested in participating, please contact the Program Director.)

Michael Ackerman, Recreation & Wellness, maacker2@uncg.edu
Risa Applegarth, English (CAS), risa_applegarth@uncg.edu
Adam Carlin, Director of GPS & Program Director of CAC (CVPA), ajcarlin@uncg.edu
Chris Cassidy, Art (CVPA), cmcassid@uncg.edu
Sarah Dorsey, University Libraries, sbdorsey@uncg.edu
Liam Duffy, Chemistry & Biochemistry (CAS), lmduffy@uncg.edu
Shanna Eller, Office of Sustainability, sneller@uncg.edu
Faun Finley, City of Greensboro Community Sustainability Council, faun.finley@gmail.com
Amanda Gale, Interior Architecture (CAS)
Patricia Gray, Office of Research & Economic Development, p_gray@uncg.edu
Karen Grigg, University Libraries, ksgrigg@uncg.edu
Justin Harmon, Community & Therapeutic Recreation, jtharmo3@uncg.edu
Alex Hortal, LLC (CAS), a_hortal@uncg.edu
Eliza Hudson, Greensboro Montessori School, eliza.hudson@thegms.org 
Corey Johnson, Geography (CAS), cmjohns8@uncg.edu
Bruce Kirchoff, Biology (CAS)
Steve Kroll-Smith, Sociology (CAS), s_krolls@uncg.edu
Marianne LeGreco, Communication Studies (CAS)
Jay Lennartson, Geography (CAS), gjlennar@uncg.edu
Greg McAvoy, Political Science (CAS)
John Nowlin, Geography (CAS), jwnowlin@uncg.edu
Greg O’Brien, History (CAS)
Meredith Powers, Social Work (HHS), MCFPowers@uncg.edu
Nathan Rector, Recreation & Wellness, narector@uncg.edu 
Jeremy Rinker, Peace & Conflict Studies (HHS), jarinker@uncg.edu
Jan Richtyar, Mathematics & Statistics (CAS), j_rychta@uncg.edu
Adam Rosenfeld, Philosophy (CAS), amrosenf@uncg.edu
Mark Schultz, Public Health (HHS)
Linda Stine, Anthropology (CAS)
Steve Tate, Goat Lady Dairy
Gideon Wasserberg, Biology (CAS), g_wasser@uncg.edu
Bonnie Yarbrough, English (CAS) / Entrepreneurship (Bryan), btyarbro@uncg.edu