Academic Programs

Related Area Electives

A. Natural Sciences

BIO 301 Principles of Ecology

BIO 315 Ecology and Evolution Lab

BIO 361 Biology and Conservation of Sea Turtles

BIO 420 Marine Biology

BIO 422 Plant Diversity

BIO 431 The Biosphere

BIO 441 Invertebrate Zoology

BIO 454 Vascular Plant Systematics

BIO 470 Vertebrate Zoology

BIO 488 Essentials of Toxicology

BIO 520 Ecosystem Ecology and Biogeochemistry

BIO 522 Landscape Ecology and BIO 523 Landscape Ecology Lab

BIO 526 Conservation Biology

BIO 529 Aquatic Ecology and BIO 530 Aquatic Ecology Lab

BIO 541 Entomology

BIO 560 Symbiosis

BIO 579 Environmental Physiology

CHE 205 Introductory Organic Chemistry

CHE 252 Chemistry and the Human Environment (for ENV and SUS minors only)

CHE 331 Quantitative Analysis

CHE 351 Organic Chemistry I

CHE 352 Organic Chemistry II

GEO 205 Environmental Change: Its Nature and Impact

GEO 305 Environmental Hazards Assessment

GEO 311 Weather and Climate and GEO 311L Climatology Lab

GEO 313 Natural Resource Regions of North America

GEO 314 Physical Geography: Landscape Processes

GEO 330 Elements of Hydrology

GEO 358 Geographic Information Systems

GEO 359 Remote Sensing of Environment

GEO 511 Advanced Weather and Climate—Synoptic Climatology

PHY 205 Conceptual Physics

B. Equity and Society

ATY 213 Introduction to Cultural Anthropology

ATY 253 Introduction to Biological Anthropology and ATY 253L Introduction to Biological Anthropology Lab

ATY 362 Methods in Cultural Anthropology

ATY 420 Economic Anthropology

ATY 426 Food and Culture in a Global Context

ATY 450 Environmental Anthropology

ATY 465 Medical Anthropology

GEO 302 Urban Geography: Land Use

GEO 303 World Population Problems

GEO 304 Introduction to Transportation Analyses

GEO 322 Research Methods in Geography

GEO 331/STH 331 Sustainable Tourism and Transportation

HEA 307 Global Health

HEA 315 Epidemiology

HEA 316 Environmental Health

HIS 209 Topics in Modern World History II (only when topic is World Environmental History)

HIS 323 American Indians and Nature

HIS 334 United States Environmental History

PCS 505 Environmental Justice: Interdisciplinary Response for Sustainability

PSC 210 Introduction to Public Policy

PSC 312 Environmental Law and Policy

PSC 313 Natural Resources Law and Policy

PSC 314 Wildlife Law and Policy

SOC 202 Social Problems in Global Context

SOC 346 Population Problems

SOC 370 Environmental Sociology

SOC 377 Disaster, Self, and Society

C. Economics and Development

BUS 340/ENT 340 Social Entrepreneurship

ECO 100 Economics of a Global Sustainable Society

ECO 201 Principles of Microeconomics

ECO 202 Principles of Macroeconomics

ECO 300 The International Economy

ECO 380 Environmental and Natural Resource Economics

STH 200 Introduction to Sustainable Development

STH 201 Corporate Social Responsibility and Change Management

STH 232 Tourism Impacts and Alternatives

STH 311 Sustainable Food and Beverage

STH 312 Greening Hotel Facilities

STH 331 Sustainable Tourism and Transportation

STH 332 Sustainable Destination Planning and Management

D. Aesthetics and Ethics

CST 420 Environmental Communication

ENG 327 Writing for Professionals and Entrepreneurs

ENG 380 Literature and the Environment

IAR 124 Introduction to Sustainable Design

IAR 221 History and Theory of Design I

IAR 222 History and Theory of Design II

LLC 130 Global Green: Cultures of Production and/or Consumption

MUS 223 Music and Environment

PHI 322 Philosophy of the Arts

PHI 338 Ethics and International Affairs

PHI 361 Ethical Issues in Business

PHI 363 Environmental Ethics (for ENV and SUS minors only)

REL 250 Religious Tradition and Care of the Earth