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Advice on General Education Requirements

See the  UNCG Undergraduate Bulletin for complete information on the General Education Core (GEC) Requirements, General Education Marker Requirements, and College Additional Requirements (CAR).

It is important to note that these GenEd requirements can be “double dipped” with the Environmental Studies Major core requirements and electives, resulting in a significant degree of flexibility in choosing classes and planning a schedule.

Requirements for the major will fulfill the following GenEd categories simultaneously:

  • 6-7 s.h. of GNS/GLS and GNS/GLP (Core)
  • 3 s.h. of GMT (Core, assuming STA 108 is chosen)
  • 1 SI course (Core)
  • 1 WI courses (Core)

Requirements for the major may fulfill the following GenEd categories simultaneously, depending on student choices:

  • up to 3 s.h. of GLT (Aesthetics & Ethics electives)
  • up to 3 s.h. of GFA (Aesthetics & Ethics electives)
  • up to 3 s.h. of GPR (Aesthetics & Ethics electives)
  • up to 3 s.h. of GHP/GMO (Equity & Society electives)
  • up to 9 s.h. of GSB (Equity & Society and Economics  & Development electives)
  • up to 4 courses with GL/GN markers (electives)
  • up to 1 additional  SI course (electives)
  • up to 3 additional WI courses (electives)

Note that GRD (6 s.h.), GHP/GPM (3 s.h.), or GFL (up to 12 s.h.) classes currently do not count toward the major, and students must complete these separate from any overlap in the major.